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We develop free and open source software for you to organize your pickups!

The core piece of our work is a tool, that is meant to enable you to run a successful, efficient and organized foodsaving project. It is a completely translatable, open source and free piece of software, that is developed by passionate volunteers only.

We host an instance of it on karrot.world and you can simply use it there. The general idea for long-term use is, however, that foodsaving groups host their own instances if possible.

You're very welcome to visit our project on GitHub if you want to have a closer look at the development process and code.

These are just some of the benefits you'll experience when deciding to use Karrot for your foodsaving group:

  • Independent groups
    Every group on karrot is completely independent and can have their own logo, processes and rules, yet they are all displayed on the map together so that people can see that each group is part of the bigger movement.
  • Clear distribution of tasks
    All your foodsavers and stores can be entered in the software. Each pickup has a number of slots which foodsavers can sign up for – this way everyone knows who goes where and when.
  • Maps and lists
    You have a map of where the stores and the people doing the pickups are located. You have a nice list of upcoming pickups and can sign up for them online.
  • Application chats
    When new people want to join your group they need to apply and answer questions your group can set. Before even making the applicant part of your group, everybody can chat to them. You can invite them to a meeting, have them fill out a form, accept your rules or whatever your group decides on.
  • Notifications
    You get notified about empty pickups and new people wanting to join your group.
  • Many communication features
    On the group wall the whole group can talk to each other. More confidential conversations can be had in direct messages. Everything related to a single pickup can be discussed in the dedicated pickup chats, everything about one store on the store wall and when a pickup is done feedback can be given in words and weights.
  • Grassroots democracy
    If there is a conflict, the group can enter a voting system to resolve it in a communal way. There are no admins with super powers built into the software.
  • Multi-platform
    You can access Karrot just as well with a phone as with a laptop or desktop. For more frequent phone users there even is an Android app in the play store!
  • Multi-language
    Karrot is fully translatable by the community and many languages are already added. To contribute more translations just visit the project on transifex.
  • Record of past events
    The history shows who did what and when. Everything from creating a store to giving feedback is logged here.
  • Open source
    Everything is transparent and possibly changeable. We encourage groups to host their own instances of the platform, if they have the ability to do so. Still, we also provide access to a hosted version on karrot.world.
  • Responsive team
    You can easily talk to the people developing Karrot and progressing foodsaving worldwide: Either on our forum, on Github on our team chat (join the channel #karrot-dev to reach the right people immediately), or in real-time in our weekly calls (go to the newest post to find out the next time).
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