Foodsaving worldwide retrospective

What has happened with regards to fsww? - This article is meant to give a rough overview, sorted chronologically.



  • We acquired the domain without exactly knowing what to do with it at first.
  • The calls with Bilbao started.
  • There was contact to the Czech Republic, which inspired some research on Czech foodsaving initiatives.


  • First contact with Niki from Maastricht.
  • The calls with Bilbao went on.
  • A detailed guide for how to hold weekly foodsharing brunches was added to our knowledge library thanks to Kristijan and Janina.
  • Claudie from Rotterdam got in contact with us and told us about getting a big supermarket to cooperate.
  • Taras from Stockholm and Claudie actively participated in networking activities via our foodsaving worldwide facebook group.


  • Foodsharing Poland held a big meeting to connect the emerging groups of all Polish cities
  • The annual report from Mainz was added to our library of knowledge to give people an idea about what a foodsharing group can do.
  • Solikyl Gotheburg started to really use Karrot and kept us up-to-date about bugs and missing features.
  • Joachim and Janina decided to go visit Unai in April to kickstart foodsharing Bilbao.
  • Foodsharing Copenhagen is active as ever (imagine this point in every month's list...^^)


  • Joachim and Janina helped kickstarting foodsharing Bilbao.
  • In Bilbao Janina met with Alvaro from Nevera Solidaria - the Spanish Food-Share Points.
  • Nick started the blog to collect stories from different foodsaving groups.
  • Foodsharing Poland started their map of Food-Share Points - which they keep up-to-date to this day!
  • On April 29 it was World Disco Soup Day and numerous foodsaving groups lived up to the occasion.
  • Two of the four articles from Solikyl Gothenburg were published on
  • Stefan left Taiwan for some months but continued spreading the word by giving interviews via Skype.
  • Isabella from Malo contacted us again and told us that she continued saving food in the region since the very first Wuppdays took place and that she's now interested in using Karrot.
  • We learned about the existence of a foodsaving group called Avanzi Popolo in Bari, Italy.
  • Foodsharing Wageningen was added to our list of existing initiatives by one of their volunteers.
  • The idea of the foodsaving language guide was born (and still needs some love of translators...).
  • Janina did a lot of research about foodsaving and foodsharing in Spain.




  • On July 14-16 the second Hackathon in Berlin took place, where people worked on, karrot and, as well as feasting on saved food and networking with some Berlin foodsavers.
  • Unai's article about foodsharing Bilbao was published on
  • Janina, Laurina and Nick met up with Bruno from Gothenburg as he visted Berlin with his girlfriend.
  • Chalo from Quito, Ecuador wrote to us inquiring for help to start a foodsaving group.
  • Janina and Tilmann saved lots of food on the Feel festival together with 15 other foodsavers. One of them was Fausto, who turned out to be friends with Chalo from Quito.
  • Daniela from Colombia also wrote to us looking for help on how to convince stores to cooperate in foodsaving activities.



  • Francois from Copenhagen and Lotta from Chemnitz visited Bruno in Gothenburg. Foodsaving networking without our direct contribution is what we like the most! ;)
  • Grace wrote to us to inquire about existing foodsaving and foodsharing initiatives in Paris and was super happy with our apparently very informative answer.
  • Mara from Zwolle, Netherlands got in contact with us to get help for starting a foodsharing group.
  • The FSWW Summer Camp & Hackweek took place in Neuried and led to lots of interesting talks with Clara from the extended board of
  • Some people emerged from inside to set out to bring foodsharing to Bozen, Italy and help translating more content to Spanish.
  • Peter wrote a summary about the current status of foodsharing Switzerland. The translated version was published on
  • We wrote to Ethan from and he brought the Boulder Food Rescue Robot to our attention.
  • A new exchange of messages led to us knowing that foodsharing Malo goes on, but will stay small.
  • Another chat with a girl from Glasgow made us aware of the British Food-Share Point initiative Hubbub


  • We finally named our foodsaving tool to karrot and our hosted instance of karrot movet to
  • The new info page got accessible via
  • Aline contacted us to get help for setting up a foodsharing group in Besançon, France
  • Christopher from Calgary, Canada wrote to us in the name of the Open Pantry project, which is basically Food Share Points.
  • Partycja from Hamar, Norway wrote to us with the idea to start foodsharing around Christmas and asked for advice.
  • Nana wrote to us from Manchester, England also with the plan to start foodsharing.
  • Nick had a very interesting mail exchange with Tessa of OLIO, which clarified their intentions: Yes they are for-profit, because they think that they can have a bigger impact like this and they appreciate a mosaic solution, just like we do.
  • Mila wrote to us from Quito and asked us about OLIO, what timing! ;)
  • Carlo wrote to us to offer his help for starting - or rather reviving - foodsharing Valencia.
  • The heartbeat from October 15 featured a summary of what is going on in all the foodsaving groups we are in contact with or know about.


  • Fausto arrived in Ecuador and started building up foodsharing Quito with great ambition and motivation.
  • Foodsharing Taiwan held their first public cooking event and turned leftovers into lovely little dishes.
  • On November 4 Arno held a small presentation about foodsharing in Bologna.
  • Vera from Rotterdam contacted us to verify information she already gathered about foodsharing groups in her city.


  • On December 12 celebrated its 5th anniversary!
  • Itai from Tel Aviv sent us a mail in which we were told that they already have a small foodsharing initiative going and was looking for advice on how to grow it.
  • Lotta from Chenitz is now in Boras, Sweden and wants to start foodsharing there as well.
  • Foodsharing Copenhagen had a nice descriptive article published on their website.