Foodsaving World

Foodsaving World

A distributed, global grassroots movement against food waste.


You just arrived at the home of the global and distributed movement against food waste.
Our main method is to save food from being thrown away. This is done via cooperations with stores, restaurants and any kind of business, that handles food.

Getting Started

We support all initiatives that want to join the fight against food waste! Depending on your needs there's different resources that could be of interest to you.

In case you are:
  • an interested passerby:
    There's general info about foodsaving, existing groups and what's going on.
  • an enthusiastic individual:
    We may have info about other potential foodsavers or foodsharing groups in your area.
    We put together a practical guide on how to start a foodsaving project.
    You could already have a look at our Karrot app.
  • a group that is just starting:
    We compiled several detailed how-tos that cover different aspects of foodsaving.
    We strongly suggest you try out Karrot ! It's meant to make your life easier and bring structure to your pick-up management.
  • a group that is already going strong:
    Are you tired of those spreadsheets and doodles to organize your pick-ups? Time to switch to Karrot !
    Maybe you want to share your experiences in the form of a blog post? Get in contact and we'll make it possible!

Connecting People

Let's build communities to save food!

We want to bring people together, so they can get active in a group of foodsavers!

Not much can be done alone, so building a community is of utmost importance for a successful foodsaving project. Not only to have people to carry out the pick-ups, but also to have a good network of hungry fellows to make use of the saved food. We want to helop you with that!

  • Gather people in your area Just try and get in contact with who's already your neighbor anyways.
  • Contact us by mail Maybe we already have received messages by other interested people or know of interesting projects in your area.
  • Join our facebook group It is full of active people saving food in their cities already. We can share experiences, problems and possible solutions for the benefit of all.
  • Join our team For real coaching and more close contact it's beneficial if you join the yunity Slack and on there the channel 'foodsaving-worldwide'. You can chat with us and ask all the questions you may have.
  • Read about what we did in 2017 To get a quick overview about our networking endeavours and to get an idea of which areas of the world we already are in contact with.

Providing Software

Get organized!

We want to support growing foodsaving groups with software tools!

When a foodsaving group is growing, it becomes hard to keep all members in sync. They start using group chats, spreadsheets and other online tools. At some point, this isn't enough anymore and specialized software becomes crucial for their operations. We aim to build this software and connect similar-minded projects!

Sharing Knowledge

Let's share experience!

We collect, translate and distribute knowledge about every aspect of foodsaving!

The German speaking countries have a history of foodsaving that goes back to 2011. They collected a lot of wisdom about how to successfully cooperate with businesses to save their surplus, how to distribute it afterwards and how to maintain a well-functioning group of volunteers. Apart from that, we are in contact with many other foodsaving initiatives and many shared their work and insights with us and thus with you. Using this as a base, we created a collection of documents, which hopefully proves useful: